Hybrid working

Hybrid Working & Call Recording With Retell’s Sense range


As companies around the globe rapidly shift to hybrid workforces following the COVID-19 business disruption in 2020, there is a recognition of the need for different management strategy. With a range of tools available to assist in the management of remote workforces, what about call recording? How do you retain visibility into the quality as remote workers communicate with clients? Arguably more important is getting relevant insights whilst keeping remote workers engaged regardless of where they are— all whilst continuing to provide excellent customer service.

Now is not the time for elaborate features and complicated roll-outs. Contact centres need to address very specific gaps in their current solutions — and they need to do it now. Calabrio is now offering a set of Work-from-Home (WFH) bundles that provide specific, rapid-deployment solutions that align perfectly with the emerging challenges of managing a remote workforce.


Build the foundation for intelligent quality management information with our Sense dashboards which provide complete oversight of your call recording in real time.

Focus on the calls which matter the most

Take the guesswork out of which calls to evaluate. Automate the process so you can quickly identify the calls that matter most and automatically assign them for review.

Free up management time

By automatic selection of calls to evaluate streamlines the quality management process, keeping managers and agents focused on the performance metrics that really matter. This will provide contact centre managers more time to focus on the other challenges associated with managing remote and office-based agents.

Real-time feedback

Help ensure a smooth transition for remote agents. Allows managers and supervisors to keep connected with agent activity throughout the day. By providing immediate feedback, agents will remain engaged, motivated and continuing to provide excellent customer service.

Stay compliant, remotely

With Sene providing real-time information and compliant call recording for payments this makes working from home easier to manage and keeps data security levels high.

Identify and support with productivity

Working from home isn’t for everyone and not everyone can focus in the same way as they might in an office environment. Fortunately with careful use of technology desktop analytics connects the remote agent with what’s going on in the office. This really can help you identify any technology or process challenges that are creating bottlenecks for remote agents.

Returning to the office?

Practical advice for call recording for hybrid working is just a call away.

if your planning big changes to your location strategy and need to keep complaint call recording at the heart of your operation then we cna help you.


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