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Making TLF GDPR compliant & secure

TLF and Retell partnered together to develop a bespoke solution which benefits their clients, their client’s customers, and the TLF team.




The Problem

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into force in the UK on May 25th, 2018 and from 2021 UK businesses must comply with the UK GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018.

GDPR was designed to “harmonise” data privacy laws, as well as providing greater protection and rights to individuals.

A big focus is on the voice and data aspects of GDPR and their relevance to companies who, by nature of their business, carry out voice interactions with companies and individuals.

TLF is a leading customer experience and research company, who provide services and insight to a wide commercial base on aspects of the customer journey.  In 2020, the company was looking to move to a VOIP telephone system and an important consideration in the selection process was a solution which would meet the requirements of the data protection legislation and thereby provide reassurances around the information security that their existing on-premises solution had provided.


“We have clients in a number of different industries, including financial services, and for all of them the security of the data that they share with us is extremely important.  Retell were able to work with us to provide a solution which meets our data protection and security needs, but also gives us a system which is easy to use”.

 (Joanne Wainwright- Compliance Director, TLF Research)

The Solution

TLF and Retell partnered together to develop a bespoke solution which benefits their clients, their client’s customers, and the TLF team.

• GDPR compliant- individual calls can be deleted from the system to ensure compliance with data subjects’ rights under the data protection laws.
• Security – calls are recorded using AES 256 Encryption.
• Disaster recovery – recordings are also stored off the platform.
• Legal requirements – control over how long recordings are stored then automatically deleted
• Staff training- calls can be downloaded and replayed as required.
• Deletion – calls and the corresponding meta data can be removed at the required timescales.
• The new system provides an accurate representation for reference when dealing with client queries.

Call Recording

The Outcome

We have always found the team at Retell to be helpful and supportive and we’re pleased that the call recording solution meets our needs, both in terms of allowing us to easily monitor the quality of our research calls and also in providing clients with reassurance on the security of their information.

Jude Nottingham

Managing Director, TLF Research

About TLF Research:
Founded in 1996, TLF Research are specialists in customer research, insight and measurement, who help clients understand and improve the customer experience.
TLF Research work with a wide variety of customer-focused organisations, many of whom are the leading players in their key industries.

About Retell:
Retell is a UK based software technology company with clients worldwide and has over 30 years in the recording and reporting of business interactions, via their award-winning product Retell Sense.

To Contact TLF Research please contact: uk@leadershipfactor.com
To Contact Retell please contact: sales@retell.co.uk