Incorporating our Voice Announcement and Firewall features into your call recording solution aids you in reducing telephone fraud.

Almost everyone has answered a cold or nuisance call at some point, much to their frustration. Some of us may find we are on the receiving end of such nuisance calls multiple times a day. While recording calls won’t guarantee cold calling will be eradicated, it gives you scope to reduce the likelihood that cold callers and fraudsters will try to scam you. No one wants to be a victim of telephone fraud – by announcing to customers at the start of a call that you are recording calls, you can help to deter illegal activity.

As part of our Sense solution, we can provide an additional Voice Announcement feature that every caller hears as soon as the call connects. This is built directly into the solution without hindering the functionality of your phone’s voice mail inbox. This module works in line with your Sense system, alerting you via an alarm if your phone system is hacked and blocks calls during hours that you set. This can be configured to include all numbers or selected numbers if you prefer.

In addition, toll fraud is on the rise. This is where a phone system is hacked, usually out of hours on bank holidays or weekends, and outbound calls are made, often to premium rate numbers. On many occasions, an organisation does not find out they have been a victim of this type of fraud until they receive their phone bill. It is also worth noting it is highly likely phone companies will not waiver the bill, regardless of whether it was the customer’s fault or not.

If you wish to discuss our Sense solutions or Voice Announcement and Firewall features, please contact your account manager, details of which can be found here.