Retell have partnered up with mobile phone recording specialists Resilient, enabling us to offer an even greater range of call recording solutions.

With the rise in organisations having a workforce that is office, field and home-based, it is becoming commonplace for staff to make and receive calls on a mobile. However, unlike capturing landline calls, the complexities in recording communication to and from a mobile has previously made doing so costly and time-consuming to implement and monitor.

Whether your organisation needs to record calls for compliance, solving disputes or to improve customer experience, how do you ensure only business conversations are recorded while keeping personal conversations private?

We have the answer. Retell works in partnership with Resilient, whose smartnumbers mobile call recording provides a new approach that overcomes many of the challenges of existing solutions. It works across any mobile network, and records business calls and texts on corporate and personal smartphones without the need to change mobile carrier.

Key Benefits

  • Regulatory compliance: Ensure calls made to and from the business mobile number meet both FCA compliance and MiFID II requirements.
  • Reliable, network-based recording: Calls, SMS and voicemails are recorded in the network and are not dependent on an app conferencing or streaming from the device, providing a robust and tamper proof solution.
  • Mobile network agnostic and roaming friendly: Independent of the underlying SIM and works with any mobile network, even while roaming.
  • Secure storage: All data, including recordings and metadata, are encrypted in transit using TLS and at rest using AES 256.
  • Simple and compliant search: Metadata including the contact names of both parties are indexed and discoverable through a user-friendly web console.

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