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Call recording for Small Business from 55p per day.
Compatible with all VoIP platforms.
So, can you afford not to be compliant?

Make Sense of Call Recording, ReTell can
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Call Recording For Every Business

This is our entry level product that will introduce your business to Sense and, we trust, will help you to grow your business. The product, using Sense Essentials, provides you with the ability to record all calls in and out of your organisation.

You can search for calls by dialled number, caller’s number, date and time length and any notes that you have added to the call (some of the fields can be customised in line with your need).

All calls stored by the system are encrypted, cannot be tampered with, and are compliant with GDPR regulations. We believe that this product will likely provide your business with the most cost-effective solution in terms of storing your calls in a compliant way.

Sense Lite

Sense Lite is your first step into call recording. It is plug & play with minimal set up. Start recording calls within minutes. Sense Lite captures inbound and outbound calls, keeping your communications compliant with GDPR, MIFIDII and PCI DSS regulations.

Plug & Play

Sense Lite comes ready to install out of the box. Sense Lite comes with the main controller box, a 4 port mirror switch, USB with client software, connecting cables, power cables RJ45. Connect your Sense Lite box to a monitor and follow the on screen instructions to start recording your calls.

Detailed Call Playback

Sense Lite includes a detailed call playback screen, allowing you to find specific calls by searching the easy to use console. You can also search by users and configure settings to make reporting a breeze. Live real-time statistics give you a visual indication on the status of live calls. To review a call its easy to access an individual record and playback. This ensures there can be no confusion about what was said on the call.

Built For Growth

Sense Lite gets you started with call recording, allowing you to begin recording and securely storing calls. If you need to add more users or user channels, Sense Lite can be upgraded to any of the Sense range of call recording services without losing any of your call history.
For more information on this product, click the download link below. Want to get in touch? Drop us an email or fill in our contact form.

Where call recording makes Sense.

Sense Professional is the perfect match for the following situations.

Public Safety

Prevent and protect with the help of a ReTell. When reliability is an absolute necessity, ReTell has the call recording solution that will meet the needs of high demand systems. Non stop recording, fault tolerance and high reliability allowing quick and easy access to all recorded calls.

Finance & Legal

Secure your verbal transactions and meet compliance and legal recording requirements. Financial & Legal institutions use call recording solutions to meet compliance. If you are you required to record telephone calls to comply with MIFIDII, then get in touch with our experts.

Customer Experience

ReTell's Sense range systems are compatible with most phone systems and VoIP platforms. Monitoring, Reporting and Quality control are key feature sets for rapidly responding to changing customer needs and improve your customers experience.


Any business that takes card payments over the phone and records its calls is required to adhere to PCI DSS regulation. Organisations can’t keep any sensitive payment authentication data in call recordings. ReTell keep you compliant and your customers details safe.

Are you a larger business?

Looking for an enterprise-level Call Recording solution? Try Sense Enterprise