Sense Professional
Sense Professional

Make Sense of Call Recording, ReTell can
ensure you get the right call recording
solution for your business

Make Sense of Call Recording, ReTell can
ensure you get the right call recording
solution for your business


When call recording matters, we hear you

Getting the right call recording solution for our customers is critical. We have used our in-house expertise to develop our award-winning Sense call recording range to ensure you get the right call recording and call management solution for your business.

Sense Professional

Sense Professional takes everything from Sense Essentials but it is enhanced with search by extension number and rule-based recording allowing you to include/exclude certain extensions, users or numbers

Rule Based Recording

Sense Professional has rule based recording, allowing you to exclude chosen users, extensions and telephone number from being recorded. Search for calls through an enhanced Windows software client interface using a number of rule types.

Detailed Call Playback

Sense Professional includes a detailed call playback screen, allowing you to find specific areas in the call by searching through the sound clip in wave form. You can also define set time sections of the call to play back, as well as adjusting volume and speed of playback. This ensures there can be no confusion about what was said on the call.

Customisable User Hierarchy

Sense Professional lets you manage your own user hierarchy, allowing you to decide who accesses specific data. You can create groups, assign supervisors, import users in bulk, and even segment by department. The user hierarchy is completely customisable to your needs.
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Where call recording makes Sense.

Sense Professional is the perfect match for the following situations.

Public Safety

Prevent and protect with the help of a ReTell. When reliability is an absolute necessity, ReTell has the call recording solution that will meet the needs of high demand systems. Non stop recording, fault tolerance and high reliability allowing quick and easy access to all recorded calls.

Finance & Legal

Secure your verbal transactions and meet compliance and legal recording requirements. Financial & Legal institutions use call recording solutions to meet compliance. If you are you required to record telephone calls to comply with MIFIDII, then get in touch with our experts.

Customer Experience

ReTell's Sense range systems are compatible with most phone systems and VoIP platforms. Monitoring, Reporting and Quality control are key feature sets for rapidly responding to changing customer needs and improve your customers experience.


Any business that takes card payments over the phone and records its calls is required to adhere to PCI DSS regulation. Organisations can’t keep any sensitive payment authentication data in call recordings. ReTell keep you compliant and your customers details safe.

Are you a larger business?

Looking for an enterprise-level Call Recording solution? Try Sense Enterprise