Retell is announcing the launch of Sense Pay Secure with a new webinar series demonstrating the service

Retell is announcing the launch of Sense Pay Secure with a new webinar series demonstrating the service, bringing PCI DSS[i]  complaint call recording to their Sense products. Partnering with Encoded, the secure payment solution experts, will share their perspectives on the importance of complaint call recording and reveal the Sense Pay secure solution.

Neville Bird, CEO, at ReTell:

“The protection of data remains a paramount concern for consumers and we’re proud to be launching the simplest compliance tool for call recording. Payments made over the phone need to recorded in the right way. Working with Encoded – which leads the way with secure payments – we’ve developed a solution for our Sense products which has been carefully built for ease of use and seamless integration.”

Rob Crutchington, Sales Director, at Encoded:

“There are many UK businesses of all sizes who accept card data over the phone who are sidestepping the issue of PCI DSS compliance.  Confusion due to misinformation around what is considered compliant along with the sheer cost of some solutions has caused smaller merchants to bury their head in the sand, while large ones spend out more than is necessary to achieve compliance.  Working with ReTell, a truly compliant, simple to setup and commercially attractive solution finally available that accepts card data from the card holder via DTMF tone collection.”

The first 3 webinars will be held in November and December and all of the webinars are open to existing customers with an open invite to those interested in secure call recording. The dates are:

  • Wednesday November 21st 2018
  • Wednesday November 28th2018
  • Wednesday December 5th  2018

Derek Smith, Head of Product, at Retell

“We have designed the webinar series to sharpen the understanding of any attendee, providing insights into their own PCI DSS complaint process, working assumptions and impact on customers when recording calls. As a result, these webinars will help spur action on compliance and give businesses an advantage in delivering the secure experiences customers demand”

[i] Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)